Guest Feature | Young Sheldon Falls Prey to Cliché: Series Premiere Recap

“Young Sheldon” , CBS

After ten years, some viewers may think they’ve seen all sides of The Big Bang Theory’s (BBT) Sheldon Cooper. Clearly, they haven’t heard of Young Sheldon, which premiered Monday night following BBT’s 11th season premiere.

Viewers are taken back to 1989 (and no I’m not talking about Taylor Swift’s 2014 album)  into the life of nine year old Cooper as he begins high school. BBT age Sheldon is still here though, as Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on BBT, is the narrator. We are introduced to the younger versions of Sheldon’s mom, Mary (Zoe Perry, who is the real life daughter of Laurie Metcalf who plays Mary in BBT) and twin sister, Missy, who were seen in the prequel series. For the first time, we are shown Sheldon’s father, George Sr., the local football coach, and Sheldon’s brother George Jr., or Georgie. As you might have been able to guess, since Sheldon is the brains of the family, he doesn’t get along well with Missy and Georgie, who are jealous of the attention he receives due to his intelligence.

Sheldon’s first day of high school doesn’t go so smoothly. In classic Sheldon fashion, he is quick to embarrass Georgie and call out students who are not adhering by the dress code, which leads to his parents being called to the principal’s office to discuss Sheldon’s behavior.

That night before dinner, George Sr. talks with Sheldon about how crucial it is to not be so concerned with everyone else’s life. In a touching moment, George shares an anecdote about how he was fired from his last job for tattling on fellow coaches. This storyline matches up to Sheldon’s current situation a little too well to be convincing, but is a sweet father-son moment nonetheless. At dinner, Sheldon even holds his father’s hand in a sense of consideration.

And there you have it, folks. The eventful, roller coaster ride that is the pilot episode of Young Sheldon. A little corny, perhaps. But a good watch? You decide.


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