They’re Still Doing the Clown Thing: American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

“American Horror Story: Cult” , FX

I’m willing to bet every penny of my student loan debt on the chance that Ivy (Alison Pill) is involved with this clown cult somehow. If I’m wrong, I promise to convert this website into one of those new-age Facebook-journalism trap hubs that runs like a PowerPoint presentation.

Tuesday night’s episode of American Horror Story: Cult picked up right where last week’s season opener left off, with Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) screaming about another clown encounter, this time from her bedroom.

It’s only a matter of seconds before she comes bustling into the kitchen to ask her wife, who is now well beyond fed up with her shit, for help (her wife, being Ivy Mayfair-Richards, or as I like to call her, the Lifetime Network’s one and only choice for a low budget Ellen DeGeneres biopic). After searching the room with a fine piece of kitchen cutlery, Ivy’s choice murder weapon, the couple concludes that there, indeed, must be something wrong with Ally. This (naturally, of course) leads to the start of a sex scene we didn’t ask for, but not before we cut to a shot of their son Oz in bed (where he practically lives in this series) joined by Twisty the Clown (whose relevance this season has yet to be unearthed) and the alt-rightish, purgey clown that Ally saw in bed with her earlier. His screams interrupt the intimacy and call the two mothers to his room, where Oz reacts in a way that hints at some possible resentment growing towards Ally (he tells them that he wants “his mom” and then proceeds to lean away from Ally and into Ivy’s embrace. The camera’s close-up on Ally let’s us know that she is not happy about this).

The next morning, Kai’s staged, racially fueled assault video has gone viral and is being played on network news stations. I honestly wasn’t sure what was more notable; the fact that Kai (Evan Peters) announced his campaign for city council chair following the murder of councilman Tom Chang or the fact that Billy Eichner was portraying an eyewitness and speaking in a regular tone of voice. The latter is still somewhat relevant when Billy’s character is re-introduced as one of the new neighbors who moved into the Chang house immediately after their brutal murders. When Ally runs across the street to save Oz from impending death by clown (after his strange as hell babysitter Winter leaves him there), she and Ivy are welcomed by Harrison and Meadow Wilton (Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman), beekeepers and spouses (although Harrison is gay and Meadow just goes along with it because she’s too sick with Cancer to have sex anyway). We could talk about how strange their living arrangement is all day (along with the fact that they just moved into a murder house the day after it became a murder house), but her humble offering of Crystal Light lemonade, made worse only by her alluding of it to Beyoncé, was enough for me to pull an Ally and call the cops.

Later that night, right before Oz is shoved back into his place (the bed), Ivy receives a call that the alarm system at their Butchery restaurant has gone off. Almost immediately, without much debate, she makes the intelligent decision to let Ally, her hysterically triggered wife, go by herself to disarm the system. Oh, yes. At this point, I was clasping my hands together, thanking God for delivering such a thing to my television (bootleg streaming laptop) screen. The best part was when Ally finished disarming the system and then directly afterward decided to follow a spooky noise into the meat fridge. A-freaking-men, sister. Follow that sound, girl. Running out of the Butchery immediately following a murderous noise is something that someone who didn’t vote for Jill Stein would do and we all know you did.

So anyway, Ally finds a dead body in the meat fridge. Well, an almost dead body. The person is one of the head butchers at the restaurant who also happened to have something against South American immigrants (as we were clued in during an earlier standoff between him and a kitchen staff member named Pedro). After his body is reported by Ally, Pedro is made a lead suspect in the murder.

Early that same day, Ally recounts her purchase of a gun from the new neighbors to her therapist. The Mayfair-Richards household is now also decked out with new locks and bars, all courtesy of Ally’s growing fear of the world. In other words, she’s slowly becoming a libertarian and there’s nothing you or Ivy DeGeneres-Mayfair-Richards can do about it.

The episode’s last quarter is comprised of:

-A seductive bath featuring creepy Winter Anderson.

-A power outage (terror attack?) across the country.

-Pedro’s death, thanks to Ally’s crazy gun flinging.

I still think Ivy has something to do with all the clown stuff. Perhaps it’s because, like her character, I find the clown theme this season to be stale and more than slightly annoying. However, it might also be because Ryan Murphy is making it waaay too easy. Either way, I’ll be watching and I know you will be, too.




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