WTF is a Scrippling?

Illustration by Mya Carmichael

Welcome readers! I thank all of you (whether you were looking for this blog or, like most, you ended up here by accidentally misspelling the name of a much better site) for clicking on by! Though introductions have never really been my strong suit, I’ve decided to take a break from licking the bottom of my chip bag to write an entire post dedicated to cutting the figurative ribbon at our front page. Before the real cool stuff begins, I’ll explain why I decided to start this blog in the first place:

Last September, at the beginning of my freshman year of college, I decided to take a huge leap out of my comfort zone and audition for my school’s sketch comedy troop; not because I wanted to act, but because I really wanted to write. I figured that the show would be a great environment for me, not only to learn the art of writing comedy, but to also become familiar with working closely with actors. To put it lightly, the audition process was exhausting. Going in, I knew my biggest weakness would be my lack of delivery skills; I can conceive one hell of a joke in my mind, but vocalizing it with the right timing and inflection…for me that was a totally different story.

Fortunately, I did way better during the audition process than I thought I would. For the first time, improvisational acting didn’t seem half as scary as I’d always imagined it. The real victory, however, was making it to callbacks; that meant I would get the chance to write my own sketch and present it to the cast members (which was still a terrifying idea in its own right). To make a long, Oscar-worthy story short, I came, I saw, I didn’t make it in.

A few days after my rejection, I decided that there had to be some other way to practice my writing in a way that was resume-worthy. That’s when I made the decision to do something wonderfully unoriginal; to start a TV blog with little web experience and no guaranteed following whatsoever (still, I spent 70 bucks on this layout so I kind of need this thing to stick).

And that, my friends and reluctant visitors, is why Scrippling is a website domain and not just a spellcheck nightmare (although my computer keeps insisting that I meant to type “” instead of Scrippling. Do not go to My unhealthy interest in television has finally taken a productive form! Though it’s next to impossible for me to cover all the shows I want to this year, I’ve set some pretty good ones aside that I will be following weekly; among the herd are Blackish, Once Upon A Time, and Scream Queens so in other words, I drew names from a hat and I’m only sort of disappointed. Only sort of.

If you’d like to keep up with what becomes of this blog, come back every night Monday through Friday, starting September 25th, for that stuff I promised on the About page. Until then, [sign-off catch phrase only available with Premium. Please pay Donovan directly].


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